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About Us

At EP Jewelry we are all about giving every day jewelry that extra flare to up your confidence and make you feel like the queen that you are! All of our ready-to-wear pieces are hand selected by our creative director from businesses all over the world. Our custom pieces are hand-made to order by our Founder and CEO, Ellieth Pittol. 


Ellieth Pittol Jewelry was born out of a passion and curiosity for casual jewelry. A hobby turned business, EP Jewelry’s founder started hand making necklaces and earrings at home as a way to express her creativity and learn a new skill. She realized that she could create more complex pieces when out of curiosity she took a jewelry making course that taught her how to weld, and drill. 


Using these tools was somewhat comforting to Ellieth, who studied dentistry in her youth and already learned the precision necessary to use these types of tools. Today, she takes a stone or a charm and transforms it into a piece of art, assembling pieces with pre-existing materials and adapting the chosen piece to a client's taste. 


Our goal as a company is to continue to connect and inspire women through our pieces. Our hope is that when you wear an EP custom or ready-to-wear piece you feel confident and ready to take on the world!